Hearing Specialists in Frankenmuth, MI

The city of Frankenmuth is in Saginaw County in the state of Michigan. The population of Frankenmuth was 4,944 according to the US Census Bureau in 2010. Originally, the city was settled by German immigrants in 1845, creating a rich Bavarian culture that remains strong in modern times. 

Across Frankenmuth, Bavarian styled architecture is commonplace. Riverside shops, restaurants and other quarters are all buildings influenced by Bavarian designs. Tourism and agriculture drive Frankenmuth’s economy. Travelers come to visit the Bavarian Inn, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland (the world’s largest Christmas Store), and Frankenmuth Brewery. Additionally, several events like Oktoberfest and the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival draw visitors to the city. 

Whether you go to large festivals or work with agricultural machinery on the field, exposure to loud noises may cause hearing loss. To deal with any level of hearing loss, Frankenmuth locals trust Bieri Hearing Specialists to provide professional audiology services. Contact our Frankenmuth office today to improve your hearing today! 

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