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The city of Saginaw is the seat of Saginaw County in the state of Michigan. Near the Saginaw river and Lake Huron, Saginaw has access to beautiful scenery and trade routes. The population of Saginaw was 51,508 according to the US Census Bureau in 2010. Today, a great emphasis centers on photovoltaic technology research and other forms of renewable energy. 

Saginaw’s original inhabitants were members of the Sauk tribe, who were driven out by the Chippewa tribe. Eventually, European and American traders came to settle the area, establishing a trading post. Saginaw’s greatest growth occurred as a result of lumber production. As production grew in 1859, Saginaw became incorporated as a city and continued to expand until the early 20th century. 

Industrialization in the 1900s developed Saginaw into an automobile-focused city. Through partnerships of various manufacturers, the city soon became a General Motors (GM) division. Through the 1970s, GM plants and other automobile manufacturing facilities dominated the economic landscape of Saginaw. During World War II, these factories transformed into military production units, manufacturing hundreds of thousands of rifles, machine guns and other components. 

Currently, Saginaw focuses on developing the city. Though numerous factors hinder progress, aggressive measures by the local government position the city for future growth.  

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