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Cathy Bieri Ryan - Bieri Hearing Specialists
Cathy Bieri Ryan
Doctor of Audiology/Au.D., Speech Pathologist, MSC
Catherine grew up knowing she wanted to help people solve their hearing problems. Both her grandfather and grandmother Bieri were hearing impaired. Her grandmother was also blind, and by 10 years old, Cathy could communicate by finger spelling in her grandmother's hand. Her father, Gottlieb Bieri, was a pioneer in providing new technology in hearing improvement.

Cathy earned her B.A. in speech and audiology at Michigan State, an MSC in speech pathology at Auburn University and an M.A. in audiology at Central Michigan University. Cathy embarked on a career in the field of audiology and speech pathology by taking advantage of the opportunity to work with her father at Bieri Hearing Specialists.

In 1986, when her father passed away Cathy assumed the responsibilities of president of Bieri Hearing Clinic, while continuing to serve her patients as a speech pathologist and audiologist.

Always up to a challenge, Cathy has opened new locations in Midland, Frankenmuth and Bay City. She credits her success to helping people live a better life by improving their hearing and speech through her attention to personal care and utilizing the most advanced hearing technology.
Martha Anderson - Bieri Hearing Specialists
Martha Anderson
M.S., C.C.C. -A/Audiologist
Martha Anderson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology/Speech and Hearing at the University of Michigan and her Master's degree in Audiology at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. After graduation in 1987, she worked with Dr. Nicholas Redfield for 5 years and also with other Saginaw area Otolaryngologists. She has been with Bieri Hearing Specialists since 1992.

After earning her degrees, Martha returned to Saginaw and joined the Bieri Hearing Audiology team. Martha loves helping people, like treating elderly patients. She enjoys listening to their stories and telling them some of her own.
Roxanne Kapala - Bieri Hearing Specialists
Roxanne Kapala
M.A., C.C.C. -A/Audiologist
Roxanne Kapala earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders at Northern Michigan University, her Master's degree in Audiology at Central Michigan University and a Fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital and Medical Center.

Her experience includes Staff Audiologist for a five physician ENT practice in Wichita, Kansas, a Consulting Audiologist for an earmold manufacturer, and Staff Audiologist for Bell Memorial Hospital in Ishpeming, Michigan.

Roxanne returned to the area to be a part of the Bieri Hearing Specialists Audiology team in November 2000. Kapala's decision to join Bieri Hearing Specialists was based on their reputation for excellent service and caring, which fits perfectly with her own philosophy.
Linda Meyer | Bieri Hearing Specialists
Linda Meyer
Doctor of Audiology/Au.D.
Linda completed her Doctorate of Audiology in 2009 from Arizona School of Health Sciences. By 1990, Linda Meyer had earned her Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Arts degree. From 1992 -1996, she served as Industrial Audiologist at Constance Brown Hearing and Speech Center.

Linda's love of helping people and Bieri Hearing's willingness to work with each client's individual needs is what attracted her to the position. Having worn hearing aids since the age of 5, Linda knows firsthand what it's like to be hearing impaired. She willingly shares her personal experiences to help others deal with their own, or a family member's hearing loss.

Experiences like fitting an 80 year old blind woman with super powered digital hearing aids and seeing the improvement it made in the woman's life are what make Linda proud to be part of Bieri Hearing Specialists Audiology team.
Sue Rabior - Bieri Hearing Specialists
Sue Rabior
M.A., C.C.C. -A/Audiologist
Susan "Sue" Rabior joined Bieri Hearing in 1986 after receiving her Master's Degree in Audiology from Central Michigan University.

Sue strives for the highest professionalism, which includes staying current on hearing health care issues, products, and services. She seeks to empower patients to make informed decisions about their hearing to match the best products with their needs and lifestyles.

Jenae Schabel - Bieri Hearing Specialists
Jenae Schabel
Doctor of Audiology/Au.D.
Jenae received her Doctor of Audiology Degree from Central Michigan University in May 2011. We were lucky that she decided to return to her home town of Bay City, Michigan and to join our growing company here at Bieri Hearing Specialists. She will work permanently in the Bay City and Midland locations with Dr. Linda Meyer. Dr. Schabel's warm friendly personality, added to the current staff of prominent Audiologists, allows for Bieri Hearing Specialist's Bay City and Midland offices to better serve patients.

Prior to receiving her doctorate, Dr. Schabel served her fourth year externship at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree, summa cum laude, majoring in communication disorders and minoring in human development from Central Michigan University. The experience she received at Henry Ford was a great opportunity for her to give comprehensive hearing evaluations and to work extensively with pediatric and adult patients.
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