Hearing Loss Specialists in Saginaw, MI

Hearing Protection

Bieri Hearing carries the finest in hearing protection from renowned manufacturers like Westone, Great Lakes, and Perfect Seal. Whether you’re a swimmer, motorcyclist, hunter, musician, pilot, surfer, industrial worker or just like working out in your yard, Bieri Hearing has the finest in custom made ear protection to fit your hobby or lifestyle.
Hunters' Protection

These custom designs provide amplification for situational awareness, intermittent shots, continuous shots, windy conditions, and a host of other shooting conditions. The designs are able to reduce high impact noise while still allowing environmental sounds.
Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids & Instruments
Swimmers' Plugs

Swimmers' plugs designed for use while surface swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal, the AQ is also a superb sound attenuator. Swimmers' plugs are available in a variety of colors and color combinations, with a Noise Reduction Rating of 27 dB.
Motorcyclists' Plugs

Designed primarily for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to help eliminate wind noise, the plugs are made of soft vinyl material and features a hollow canal style for greatest comfort. Low profile, canal style earpieces feature a handy removal filament.
Hearing Aids & Instruments
Hearing Aids & Instruments
Musicians' Plugs

Musicians' plugs for performing musicians and concert attendees are a great option for anyone who needs to hear accurately in high noise environments. Popular with music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, dentists and dental workers, these custom designs are a canal-style earplug that is virtually unnoticeable.
The flat attenuation characteristics allow the wearer to hear accurately - but at a safer volume. Can be ordered with a choice of either 9, 15, or 25 dB filters.

iCustom Plugs

Bieri Hearing audiology staff can upgrade any stock earbud with iCustom earpieces. iCustoms easily couple with iPod® earbuds (and most other brands) to reduce distracting external noise for better sound. The custom fit also assures iCustoms stay securely in the ear when walking, jogging, or riding.
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