"Please know that what you do, changes people's lives. You absolutely make a difference and for that we are grateful."  
- Bill and Dar, Bay City 

"Bieri Hearing and their specialists changed my life and my views about hearing aids. I would choose Bieri Hearing Specialists over anyone else because they gave me the tools to help me help myself."  
- Caroline Yanca, Saginaw
Hear our clients ... in their own words
At Bieri Hearing Specialists, we take great pride in providing you the tools to restore the joys of hearing to your life. Here are just a few of our success stories from clients of Bieri. 

Dick Fabian is a local celebrity and a native of Detroit. He is a Korean Navy Veteran; He was the #1 morning DJ at WKNX in the late 60s; News Director and Anchorman at WEYI-TV, spent 20 years at WNEM-TV and was the PM Magazine host in the early 80s. Now retired, Dick enjoys spending his time as an amateur photographer, specializing in wildlife and loves that he can hear the birds sing again.
Bob Callahan
Robert Baillie
Wally Bronner (of Bronner's in Frankenmuth, MI)
More testimonials ... 
"I am writing on behalf of my husband Bill, myself and our entire circle of family and friends. We cannot say enough good things about Bieri Hearing, most importantly about Dr. Linda Meyer, the audiologist. From the moment we first walked in the door until the final decision was made to purchase the Resound hearing aids for Bill, we were treated with the utmost respect and made to feel very welcome. This includes both the Midland and Bay City offices. Your staff is outstanding, please recognize that.

"Bill's hearing aids have given all of us but first and foremost Bill, a new life. He literally went from being 'deaf' to 'hearing.' On the first day he received them; he heard a 'humming' noise in the kitchen and could not figure it out. When I told him it was the refrigerator running, we both got tears in our eyes. Our granddaughter was born in January, screaming like a newborn, and Bill could not hear her, he could only imagine.

"Bill is now gainfully employed as a result of his hearing. Our 'world' is amazed at the fact that they don't have to scream anymore, I am definitely saving my vocal cords. :)

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Meyer. It was very comforting to know that the person trying to help is experiencing the exact same problem. She gets it. Please know that what you do, changes people's lives. You absolutely make a difference and for that we are grateful.

"Please feel free to share this testimonial; it truly comes from the heart. Hearing is a gift and your awesome staff helped our family obtain that gift. We thank you so much."

- Bill and Dar Trask of Bay City 

"It sounds kind of cliche to just come out and say, 'Bieri Hearing and their specialist changed my life and views about hearing aids.' But in all actuality, this is definitely the case. I was born with hearing problems and just adapted to life and sounds as I went along; creating a wall that had yet to be broken down. Even to the thought that hearing aids could possibly benefit me was not something I was open to finding out. But then one day I decided to try a pair at a big brand named store, I was so overwhelmed by the process, sounds and the situation at hand all together that I almost completely turned myself off to the thought of hearing aids. 

"But that was yet to change; my mother recently kept mentioning that I should try to go to Bieri Hearing where they specialize in hearing loss and aids. And so one day on a whim we stopped in to just ask questions, who knew I would walk out of there with hearing aids and a whole new outlook on life! Bieri Hearing somehow was about to break down those walls and defenses that I had built up for 30 years that not even loved ones could get through. 

"Bieri Hearing Specialist made me feel so comfortable, not alone and excited to start a new chapter and journey that has ultimately made me a better more improved self. I feel as though I'm living in a whole new world, an amazing hearing world. Without Bieri Hearing and their amazingly patient and caring staff that took the time to help me I wouldn't have the self-confidence I feel today. I would choose Bieri Hearing Specialists over anyone else because they gave me the tools to help myself. Thank you, Bieri Hearing!!"

- Caroline Yanca, Saginaw 

"I feel comfortable that I will be treated well, that I can get service and that I can have my questions answered as needed. All of the staff members are pleasant and accommodating. I only recently learned about Bieri but have every reason to expect years of quality service."

- Harry G., Midland

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