Lyric Hearing Aids

Lyric is the 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid designed specifically to meet the needs of those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Developed by ENT physicians, audiologists, and engineers, Lyric was built around three key concepts that hearing professionals have known for years:
  • Sound quality improves with proximity to the ear drum
  • Many people with hearing loss are dissatisfied with their hearing aid options
  • Consumers desire an invisible hearing solution without daily hassles
Lyric is designed to remain in your ear canal for up to 4 months at a time. It has a proprietary battery designed to last up to 120 days, and soft foam seals engineered to contour to the ear canal. Proprietary coating technology protects the device from moisture and ear wax. Lyric has a programmable sound processing system designed to work millimeters from the ear drum. Deep canal placement makes Lyric 100% invisible, and because it can remain in the ear canal for up to 4 months at a time, it is free of daily hassles.
  • Lyric hearing aid's exterior is made with a soft material specifically designed to contour to your ear canal
  • It is comfortably placed during a routine visit to your audiologist
  • Lyric's unique design and placement works with your ear's anatomy to deliver exceptional sound quality
  • It uses your outer ear to naturally direct sound into your ear canal, without the need for multiple settings or complicated programs
  • Once placed, Lyric is 100% invisible, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of better hearing without anyone knowing you're using a hearing device
Once you are wearing Lyric, you will return to your Lyric Hearing Professional as needed to obtain replacement devices (approximately 5 ten-minute visits a year). Replacement devices for the year are covered in the cost of Lyric.
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